Agency Report #10

October 3, 2016

Join Dan, Dave, Matt, and Shawn as they brave green water, culinary oddities, and more to bring you the latest in video games, movies, TV, comics, and a little bit of everything else. They hit up the recent updates to World of Warcraft, Ark, as well as new game releases, mobile games, Star Wars, and more.

Agency Brief - Interview with The Chinese Room’s Dan Pinchbeck

September 15, 2016

We have a special treat for you, as Dave interviews Dan Pinchbeck of The Chinese Room (Everybody's Gone to the Rapture) about the upcoming release of Dear Esther: Landmark Edition on PS4 and Xbox One. Join in as they chat about the development of this unique game, other upcoming projects, and a few other topics. Again, we can't thank Dan enough for taking the time to talk to us less than a week before Dear Esther drops on consoles. If you're interested, Dear Ester releases Sep. 20th for $9.99.

Agency Report #9

September 6, 2016

Join Dan, Dave, Matt, and Shawn for a delightful romp into the world of nerdly goodness. Sadly, during the course of recording, Dan was tragically taken from us by the Demogorgon, but at least we have Shawn back, so yay?

Agency Report #8

August 27, 2016

Join Dan, Dave, and Matt as they hit up the latest in games, movies, and shows. Plenty of goodness abounds, but watch out for the Demogorgon...

Agency Brief - June 2, 2016

June 2, 2016

Thanks for tuning in to the Agency Brief, with the latest in game and movie news. We'll be running down quick info on interesting developments of late, with more info and links available at . Thanks again, and keep being amazing!

Agency Report #7

March 15, 2016

This week, Dan, Dave, and Matt welcome special guest, Agent 13, AKA Matt Peters! We're sure you'll enjoy hearing about Matt's adventures, as well as the rest of the podcast. Join us as we hit up the usual fare of video games, movies, TV, and even touch on wrestling and a few other topics. As always, you can keep up with us at on the Agents of Game Facebook page, on twitter, or our website.

Agents of Game - Agency Report #5

February 11, 2016

Join Dan and Dave (but sadly not Matt and Shawn) as they return to the microphone for another episode of the Agency Report. They burn through quite a bit of the big news, and a few things off the beaten path. Listen in as they discuss the latest in movies, video games, and other topics, as they kick off a new season of the show.

The Division Beta Discussion

February 9, 2016

Join Dan, Dave, and special guest Frasure as they discuss the recent closed beta for the upcoming Tom Clancy Game, The Division. They discuss details of the game, its strengths and weaknesses, whether or not they'll be purchasing the game, and their thoughts on the season pass.

Agents of Game - Holiday Comic Con Interviews with Artists

January 11, 2016

Here we have a special episode as Dave visits My Happy Place Comics in Crystal Lake, Illinois for their first ever Holiday Comic Con. Enjoy interviews with Tony Santiago, Bernie Gonzalez, Hal Betzold, Ash Maczko & Ashley Witter (Team Ash), Alex Johns, Linda Lessman & Bill Reinhold, and Russell Lissau. As this is our first major attempt at interviews, you'll notice Dave isn't quite the best out there...but we'll be getting better with each event.

Agents of Game - Agency Report #4

November 23, 2015

Join Dan, Dave, and Matt as they return to discuss the week in geek, video game adventures, and more, on episode four of the Agency Report.